Benefits of the guduchi or giloy plant

Benefits of the guduchi or giloy plant

Scientific name -Tinospora coridifolia

Family -Menispermaceae

Common name -Giloy                    

Sanskrit name-Amrita     



  • Hay fever-It is used to decreases szeezing,nasal itching .
  • Helps in reducing temperature during fever.
  • Useful in skin infection ,fungal infection .
  • In jaundice giloy is used.
  • It is benfical for our heart.
  • Its to boosts the immunity by enhances memory ,health.
  • Its have anti-inflamatory properties.
  • Its also used in diabetes.
  • It helpful in difficulty in passing urine.

USED PART  -Stem                                          

DOSAGE-Water decoction-50-100ml

  •          Powder-3-6gm
  •         Satva-1-2gm

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