sop for for Sampling of Re-testing Raw Materials for analysis


sop for for Sampling of Re-testing Raw Materials for analysis



1.1 To lay down procedure for Sampling of Re-testing Raw Materials for analysis.


2.1 This SOP is applicable to Re-testing Raw Materials received


3.1 QC Officer or QC Executive


4.1 QC Manager

5.0 Procedure

5.1.1 Receive the GRN (Goods Received Note) from Re-testing Raw material Stores and make necessary entries in

the Re-testing raw material inward register.
5.1.2 Give the Re-testing Raw material AR.NO.
5.1.3 AR. NO should be given as follows
For Re-testing raw material: RCR-XXX/Session
Where, R= Re-Testing
CR= Certificate Raw Material
XXX= Intimation Number
Session= Year (e.g. 2020-2021 as 20-21)
5.1.4 Collect the samples as per sampling schedule.
5.1.5 After completion of sampling do the necessary test (e.g. Identification, Assay, LOD,

Water content and pH) as per the Standard Analytical Procedure.

5.1.6 Raw material may also will verify physical appearance then approved the label.
5.1.7 After completion of testing took the status of Approved/Rejected on the container.
5.1.8 Re-testing of any raw material frequency, active material 1 year and inactive material 2 years and

all Vitamin materials frequency should be 6 months.


 Abbreviation Extended Form
QC Quality Control
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
R-CR Re-testing certificate raw material


Re-testing Inward Register


Sr. No. Reference Title
01. In-House


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