sop for procedure for work permit


sop for procedure for work permit



The objective of this SOP is:
1.1 To describe the procedure for getting permission for work permit.


2.1 The Initiator – The Head – Engineering /Concern department

(however engineering department is not involved) shall be:

2.1.1 Responsible for filling up of Work Permit form and taking approval from head of
Concerned dept, plant head and head quality.
2.1.2 Responsible for implementing necessary precautions before and during

the work as per approved work permit.
2.1.3 Responsible for doing the work as per the requirement.
2.2 The Head – Quality Assurance shall be:
2.2.1 Responsible for approval of work permit form by giving necessary recommendations.
2.2.2 Responsible for confirmation of completion of work and area clearance

Head – Quality Assurance

4.1 The Work permit is required under following conditions:
4.1.1 Any civil work in plant, utility, or Effluent treatment plant (ETP)
4.1.2 Area modifications, that is likely to affect the environment attributes.
4.1.3 Painting / patch work within the plant.
4.1.4 Repair / alteration / change of parts in the equipment that directly or indirectly affects the indented use.
4.1.5 Installation of equipment
4.1.6 Any activity planned other than routine cleaning for all type of AHUs, and Water System.
4.1.7 Any other activity that is like to have impact the product quality.
4.2 Engineering department shall initiate the Work permit before starting the work.
4.3 If the engineering department is not involved in the work, the head of the concerned department shall initiate the work permit.
4.4 Engineering Department shall write a brief description of the work to be carried out in the Work Permit Form as per the format given in Annexure – 1 and it shall be forwarded to Head of the concerned department.
4.5 The head of the concerned department shall recommend the precautionary actions and is responsible for taking these precautions before starting the work.
4.6 The form shall be forwarded to Head – Plant Operations for his recommendations.
4.7 The approval on the Work Permit Form shall be taken from Head – Quality Assurance.
4.8 The Head – Quality Assurance shall approve / reject the Work Permit with his recommendations and necessary precautions.
4.9 Then the work shall be carried out under the supervision of Engineering Department by considering all the necessary precautions.
4.10 While the work is going a photocopy of approved Work Permit form shall be displayed near to the location of the work.
4.11 After completion of the work, intimation shall be given to User Department. The user department shall confirm the completion of the work and intimate to Quality Assurance.
4.12 The Head – Quality Assurance shall confirm the completion of work and line clearance shall be taken.
4.13 After the area clearance the area shall be given for user department for daily working.

New SOP.
Trainer — Head – Quality Assurance
Trainees — QA / Production / Engineering Personnel


Certified Copy : Head of Department – General
Certified Copy : Head of Department – Engineering
Certified Copy : Head of Department – Warehouse.
Certified Copy : Head of Department – Quality Control
Certified Copy : Head – Plant Operations
Original Copy : Head – quality assurance.

Annexure – 1 : Format for Work Permit Form.
Annexure – 2 : Schematic Diagram

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