sop for accident handling

sop for accident handling

1.1 To describe a procedure for handling of accidents.
2.1 This Standard Operating Procedure is applicable to all department of the factory.
3.1 All departmental head to ensure the compliance of this SOP
4.1 Head –HR shall responsible for compliance with this procedure.
5.1 Accident: It is unplanned unexpected event which causes or results in either injury to person / persons and property damage.
5.2 Handling the accident:
5.1.1 In case of accident immediately attend the injured and report to officer in the HR department or responsible officer in the factory.
5.1.2 The HR officer or responsible officer shall attend the injured and caution the others in the vicinity.
5.1.3 The HR officer / responsible officer shall intimate accident details to security Department.
5.1.4 The shift officer / responsible officer shall arrange to give first-aid to injured person / persons with the help of trained first-aiders. For first aid if required refer SOP ‘First Aid Management’, SOP No
5.1.5 If required officer / responsible officer shall arrange to send the injured person / person to hospital for further medical help.
5.3 Investigations of accident:
5.3.1 After controlling the hazardous situation and / or giving the injured medical aid, immediately the HR officer shall prepare the investigation report individually, if required help from other departments can be taken.
5.3.2 HR department head shall prepare detailed investigation report and if required help from other department shall be taken.
5.3.3 On the W/off day or after office hours the investigation shall be carried out on the same day or on next working day depending on the gravity of the situation.
5.3.4 During investigation, investigate the actual cause of the incident by reviewing the situation, interviewing the injured person and /or HR officer and /or the witness etc.
5.3.5 For detailed investigation reporting of accident, investigation report should be filled as per Format ‘Accident Investigation Report’ Format No.
5.3.6 After filing the investigation report, send the same to administration department and Plant manager. Plant manager shall comment on the same and shall send the same to QA department for filling.
5.4 Preventing the re-occurrence of the incident
5.4.1 Follow the steps recommended in the investigation report to prevent the reoccurrence of the same type of accident.
6.1 Trainer – Head of department.
6.2 Trainee – All concern person.
6.3 Period – One hour or as per required.
7.1 One set of master copy & controlled copy submitted the quality assurance department.
8.1 Accident Investigation Report
9.1 SOP : Standard Operating Procedure
9.2 HR : Human Resource
9.3 QA : Quality Assurance
9.4 W/off : Week off

accident investigation report

A.     Accident Details


1.       Date of Accident :


2.      Time of Accident :


B.     Details of Injured Person


1.      Name:


2.      Department:


3.      Employee Code:


C.     Job Details of Injured Person


1.      Shift in which the individual was working:



2.      Time of commencement of activity by the individual during which the accident occurred:



3.      Nature of work carried out by the individual at the time of accident:




D.     Description of Accident:















E.     Action Taken:


1.      Action taken:




2.      First aid given:




3.      Name of the first – aider:




4.      Further treatment given, if any:




F.      Details of Injury


1.      Nature of injury:


2.      Location of injury:


G.    Investigation


1.      Findings at site of accident:




2.      Environmental condition at the time of accident  such as rain / illumination etc.,:



3.      Probable reason of Accident:




4.      Details of Loss / Damage:



5.      Names of witness of the accident and their employee numbers
a: _________________________________________________

6.      Recommendations to prevent such accidents  in future:








H.    Investigation Team


Name Department Signature








I.       Remarks From Respective Department Head:







Signature Date

J.      Remarks From HR :






Signature Date

K.    Remarks of Plant Head:






Signature Date




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