sop for medical check up of employees

sop for medical check up of employees


1.1 To describe a procedure for the Medical checkup for all the employees before joining of the service and thereafter.
2.1 This procedure is applicable to all the employees of the organization.
3.1 HR Officer or designee shall responsible to conduct the medical checkup.
3.2 Respected Department Head (HOD) shall responsible to send their persons for medical checkup.
4.1 Head –HR shall responsible for compliance with this procedure.
5.1 All employees working in the factory shall be medically examined at the time of appointment and thereafter once in a year by a Registered Medical Practitioner.
Head of HR department shall ensure that all the new employees are medically examined prior to joining the factory.
5.1.1 Physical Checkup
5.1.2 Eye vision and Ear test
5.1.3 Colour Blindness
5.1.4 Blood Examination
5.1.5 Absence of any contagious disease / any allergy
5.1.6 X-ray
5.1.7 Urine complete
5.2 Medical checkup records are kept separately for each individual employee by the head of human resource department.
5.3 Any person, either by medical examination or supervisory observation, who is sick or has open wound is required to seek medical treatment and obtain a physician’s opinion of the same.
5.4 The employee diagnosed as having a communicable disease/ hazardous condition should be allowed to return to work only after medical examination by the Registered Medical Practitioner.
5.5 In case the medical officer declares the person as unfit for handling pharmaceutical products, the person should be immediately transferred to areas where the person does not come in direct contact with the product.
5.6 Registered Medical Practitioner shall record the details of medical examination of employee as per format of ‘Employee Medical report’ Format No.
5.7 Note: Medical checkup report can also made as per format of Registered Medical Practitioner.
5.8 HR department shall make the agreement between the organization and Registered Medical Practitioner. Original copy of agreement shall be maintained by HR Department and one copy of the same shall be forwarded to QA Department for record purpose.
6.1 Trainer – Head of department.
6.2 Trainee – All concern person.
6.3 Period – One hour or as per required.
7.1 One set of master copy & controlled copy submitted the quality assurance department.
8.1 : Employee Medical report
9.1 SOP : Standard Operating Procedure
9.2 HR : Human Resource
9.3 QA : Quality Assurance



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