sop for cleaning and assembly of strip sealing machine




To exclude the chances of product mix up, it is essential that the strip sealing machine is thoroughly cleaned after the strip sealing operation on particular product is over. Also the wall surfaces and the surfaces of all other equipment in the strip sealing room should be properly cleaned before commencement of the strip sealing operation of the next product.
It is necessary that the production supervisor confina that the equipment is in clean condition before the same is used for any operation.
1) As soon as the strip sealing operation of a particular product is over, clean with vacuum, any
spillage of dry powder and dust on the floor as well as the exterior of the strip packing  machine.

Inspect carefully for presence of any compressed tablets on any part of the machine.

Any tablets if found, should be immediately removed from the area and suitably destroyed.
2) Dismantle the feed hopper and vibrating bowl by removing the relevant L-end bolts.
Dismantle the parts of SS chute Le. SS channel, cover plate, knob and spring loaded SS release
piece. Scrub all the parts with sponge using 0.1% Teepol. Then clean all the above parts with
flowing hot tap water till the rinses are free from alkalinity (test with litmus paper).

3)  Clean the heat sealing rollers with metal wire brush to remove any lumps of molten polyethylene,

dirt and pieces of  laminate. Carefully inspect the knurled surface of the rollers. The surface should

not be damaged at any point.  Clean thoroughly all the pockets on the heat sealing rollers with the help of a nylon

wire brush and knife.

4)   Use 15 liters of distilled water to give 2 to 3 washes to the cleaned parts from step

Inspect the final rinse water for absence of any suspended matter. If required,

use additional distilled water. water to get the clear final rinse
1. Assemble all the parts of the SS chute and fix the chute on the chute holder above the heat sealing rollers.
2 Fix loosely the vibrating bowl on the top of the vibrator (which is previously cleaned with a wet cloth).

Match the tracks on the feeding bowl with the channels of the chute by rotating the vibrating bowl.

Now tighten the L-end bolts.

3. Tie a fresh piece of sponge around the lower end of the feed hopper with a fresh piece of twine and

fix the feed hopper above the vibrating bowl at a suitable height to facilitate the smooth flow of tablets.
4. Wipe the cleaned dust extraction hoods dry and fit them to the relevant dust extraction ducts.

5. Cover the machine with a clean cloth cover. Affix a cleaning ticket indicating the following:

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