sop for cleaning and assembly of compression machine


sop for cleaning and assembly of compression machine

As soon as the compression of a particular batch is over, clean the entire exterior of the machine as well as the room. Following procedure will be adhered to:
(1) Disconnect the electric supply
(ii) Dismantle carefully the following parts
• Feed hoppers
• Acrylic guards
• Feed-frames
• Turret guards
• Cover plate of the worn shaft
• Nylon break plugs along the spring steel strips
• Die screws
• Tablets collecting chutes
• Dust collecting hood assemblies (4 Nos.)
Clean all the above mentioned parts along with relevant bolts thoroughly with hot tap water and keep them aside.
a. Remove carefully all the lower punches by removing the plug and keep these punches in a
specially designed wooden tray, serially arranged. Similarly remove keep them in a separate
wooden tray serially arranged. Remove all the SS rod and keep them serially arranged in one of
the above trays. the upper punches and dies with the help of a

b. Clean all the interior areas of the machine like base plate on which the turret is fitted, cam
tracks, die seats, upper and lower punch holes, turret surface, first with a dry nylon brush and
then with special denatured spirit. Care should be taken while cleaning the punch hole and die
seats so that they are free from any particulate matter.

C. Wipe clean the exterior of the machine with a lint free duster soaked in special denatured spirit.

d. Get the entire area cleaned by the Janitor.

e. Cleaning and Fitting of Dies and Punches

Take about 2 liters of hot tap water, 10% Teepol (non toxic detergent solution) mixture and
clean all the punches dipping hot water Teepol mixture and then cleaning thoroughly
with hot tap water. After cleaning, all the punches and dies should be put serially in the clean
wooden trays meant for storing them.

f. Use 15 litres of distilled water to give couple of washes to the cleaned parts and the dismantled
punches and dies. Inspect the final rinse water for absence of any suspended matter. If
required, use additional distilled before cleaning the rinse water.

g. Wipe all the cleaned parts from Step f’ with a clean dry lint free cloth.

Before the dies are fitted, ensure all the die seats are free from any foreign matter. Place the die
face downwards on the die hole. Apply light pressure with fingers on the top phase of the die to
locate centrally over the die hole. After locating the die correctly, drive the die into its position
with the help of SS rod introduced through the upper punch guide holes. Once the die is fitted,
the top portion of the die should flush with the turret surface. Now introduce all the die screws
and tighten again. Check whether the die surfaces flush with the turret surface.

Take a lower punch, wipe it dry, through the lower punch die hole taking care that each numbered punch goes into its corresponding compression station. All the lower punches thus introduced should move freely up and down. Put the plug back into its position. Fix all the cleaned and dried nylon plugs with spring steel strips.

The cleaned and dried upper punches should be smeared with liquid paraffin and introduced into their corresponding holes.
Put back all the turret guards after wiping them dry. Fit the cleaned and dried feed frame at their
respective positions. Install the cleaned and dried acrylic guards and hoppers in their relevant

Assemble the cleaned dust collecting hood assemblies.

Cover the cleaned machine with a clean cloth cover. Affix a cleaning ticket indicating the

• Equipment/Machine
• Last Product-
• Lot No.-
• Cleaned and ready for Product –
• Cleaned by
• Date
• Supervisor’s Signature

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