sop for material receipts


Standard operating procedure material receipts


1. PURPOSE & SCOPE: To laydown the procedure for material receipts.


Store Incharge

1. All the incoming material is received at the factory gate. The Security Supervisor
undertakes the following operation:
a) Checks the number of backs written on the challan and physically counts for the purpose of telling.
a) Checks whether the packs/containers are intact and not broken or

After getting satisfied on numbers and intactness the security department allows the material to go to store room with challan.

2. Storekeeper gets the material unloaded and sees all the packs are properly sealed or not. If found all right he gets the packs/containers weighed and in case of big packing material like C/Boxes etc. physically counted. All the containers are wiped off dust particles with a non woven cloth.
3. For labels and cartons the counting is done by counting the number of bunches and one bunch is counted for number of labels/cartons. By this random count the stores keeper gets the exact quantity he is receiving.
4. If the packing is not properly sealed or the seal is tampered with the store keeper segregate that / those packs / containers and gets it verified in persence of the supplier or his representative. However this anomaly is recorded and also mentioned on the incoming challan / bill.

5. The store keeper then enters the Material Inward Register and sends sampling advice to the quality Control Department for sampling.

6. The sampling advice is in the following format:
a) Name of the Material:
b) Batch No.
c) Date of manufacturing
d) Date of Expiry
e) Mfg. Licence No.
f) Quantity/Batch Size:
g) Sample Quantity
h) Tests Required
i) Name of the supplier / manufacturer

Kindly draw sample for the above and send your analysis report at the earliest.

I/C Quality Control Store Incharge

7. The quality control Depatment draw the sample and put an Under Test slip on each of the pack/containers.


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