sop for calibration of vessels with dipstick


sop for calibration of vessels with dipstick


1.1 To lay down a Procedure for calibration of vessels with dipstick.
2.0 SCOPE:
2.1 This SOP is applicable to calibration of vessels with dipstick in Injection  Parenteral Departments
3.1 Officer /Executive Production
3.2 Officer /Executive QA
4.1 Head Production

5.1.1 Use the pre calibrated and certified measuring cylinder for calibration.
5.1.2 Ensure the cleanness and dryness of measuring cylinder before calibration.
5.1.3 Before weighing ensure that the balance is calibrated.
5.1.4 Keep the empty SS bucket on balance and record the weight of SS bucket add the required volume of water to SS bucket by pre calibrated measuring cylinder upto the desired mark.
5.1.5 Record the weight of filled SS bucket in Kg.
5.1.6 Determine the weight of water in kg.
The weight of water as follows:
C=Weight of water in kg
B=Weight of SS bucket with water in Kg.
A=Weight of SS bucket in Kg.
The volume of water for SS buckets as follows:
Volume of water in ml = Weight of water in Kg/0.99602gms.
Where 0.99602gms = weight of 1mL of water at 25˚C.
5.1.9 Record the observation and recommendation in Annexure-I.
5.1.10 Frequency of calibration: once in a year.

5.2.1 Ensure that vessel to be calibrated is empty, clean and dry.
5.2.2 Ensure that dipstick and vessel being used are calibrated.
5.2.3 Ensure dipstick is clean before use.
5.2.4 Ensure that the stirrer is OFF while measuring volume in the vessel.
5.2.5 Select and decide marked points on the manhole of vessel for calibration for entire range of capacity of vessel.
5.2.6 Place the dipstick at the marked position of the vessel in such a way that zero end of the dipstick

just touches the upper level of liquid/water.
5.2.7 Add the required quantity of water at room temperature with the help of previously calibrated S.S bucket.
5.2.8 Measure the height from liquid level to the marked position of the vessel on dipstick in centimeters.
5.2.9 Check the quantity of water with respect to required volume in the vessel and put the calibrated dipstick

touching to the upper layer of water and note the dipstick reading with reference to upper portion of neck

of vessel i.e dry height of dipstick inside the vessel.
5.2.10 Note the reading at selected premarked points for the entire range of capacity of vessel by filling

the report with measured quantity of water w.r.t. calibrated dipstick by repeating step 5.2.7, 5.2.8 and 5.2.9.
5.2.11 Record the observation in Annexure-II.
(i) Calibration should be done by user with QA.
(ii) Frequency of calibration once in a year.

Sr.No. Abbreviation used Full form of abbreviation used
1. SOP Standard Operation Procedure
2. Cm Centimeter
3. No. Number
4. QA Quality Assurance
5. w.r.t with respect to
6. % percentage

Annex-I: Calibration Record of S.S Bucket
Annex-II: Dipstick Calibration Record



Equipment:                                                                                                    Make:

Date of Calibration:                                                                                      Next Calibration due on:

Balance Code No.   :                                                                                      Area

Weight /mL of water at 25˚C: 0.99602gms

Sr.No. Volume of water to be calibrated


Weight of water to be calibrated


Weight of Empty SS bucket

(‘A’ Kg)

B=weight of SS Bucket + water


Weight of water observed C=B-A Kg Volume of observed

(D=C/0.99602 lts)




Equipment Name:                                                                                                          Equipment ID:

Capacity:                                                                                                                         Make:

Dipstick ID:                                                                                                                     Calibration done on:

Area:                                                                                                                                Calibration due on:

Sr.No. Dry Height In (CM) Volume In Liter Remarks

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