sop for emergency exit

sop for emergency exit

1.1 To describe a procedure for emergency exit located in the factory building for fast and effective evacuation of people in case of an emergency/calamity.
2.1 This Standard Operating Procedure is applicable to emergency exit by employees working at the site.
3.1 All employees: To use emergency exit at the time of emergency.
3.2 Human Resources Head/Designee: To evacuate the employees to a safe place and provide medical support to casualty.
3.3 Maintenance designee: To perform challenge test for the hooter and to seal emergency exit door or glass.
3.4 Security: To identify the cause of emergency and inform to Head – HR or designee and provide necessary support.
4.1 Plant Head: accountable for the overall activity.

5.1 Emergency exits are provided in the plant building for easy evacuation of personnel from working areas in case of occurrence of any situation hazardous to safety of personnel such as but not limited to fire explosion, earth quake etc.
5.2 Emergency exits shall be operated during emergency or to perform challenge test for the hooter.
5.3 All personnel in the factory premises shall undergo training through a set of instructions about the use of emergency exit. Personnel shall be made to understand that the blowing of hooter shall indicate an emergency situation and rush towards assembly point by using emergency exit door by following the Emergency exit directions in their respective section/block.
5.4 In case of emergency in the area, personnel near to emergency exit door shall open it (where glass doors are available, break the glass with hammer provided near to the emergency door) which enables hooter to turn ‘ON’ and instruct others to rush towards emergency exit.
Security department shall blow siren in emergency.
5.5 Security guards shall rush towards the emergency exit when its hooter blows to identify the cause and immediately inform Head – HR or Plant head or Senior most people available in the plant and medical officer.
5.6 A list of key personnel’s phone number is kept at the security gate as per the format ‘List of Key Personnel’s Phone Number’ Format No.:
5.7 The HR department shall keep a vehicle standby as and when the factory in operational, in case of marked vehicle has to move out; any other replacement has to be kept available as standby.
5.8 During emergency, entry into and exit from the company premises will not be allowed. Apart from casualty, only vehicle driver and representative of HR shall be allow to go out or come inside factory premises.
5.9 All those present in the factory premises shall leave their respective workplace and gather at the Assembly Point.
5.10 All HODs/Shift In-charge shall ensure that all employees of their department have been evacuated and reached at ‘Assembly Point’. HR / Security in-charge shall be verified that all number of employees have been evacuated in an emergency situation.
5.11 Efforts must be made by all concerned to ensure that casualty is given top priority at all times.
5.12 Primary first aid shall be administered by the medical officer or representative, if the situation demands serious medical attention; the casualty shall be evacuated to the nearby hospital.
5.13 After assessing the whole situation, plant head shall allow employees present in the factory premises to leave the premises.
5.14 Note: Emergency doors are also be used for transfer of equipment into or out of department in holidays and weekly off day after authorization of HR Head/ designee and maintenance personnel.
5.15 Challenge Test:
5.15.1 Maintenance person shall open the emergency exit door in presence of HR in-charge/ designee on weekly off day to perform challenge test for hooter.
5.15.2 At a time only one hooter shall be challenged and observations shall be recorded in Format ‘Hooter Function Checking Record’, Format no
5.15.3 The hooter shall blow on immediately after opening the door and blow off immediately after closing the door.
5.15.4 Frequency to check hooter function: Every 6 months.
5.15.5 After challenge test for hooter, maintenance person shall seal the area door by suitable sealant.

6.1 Trainer – Head of department.
6.2 Trainee – All concern person.
6.3 Period – One hour or as per required.
7.1 One set of master copy & controlled copy submitted the quality assurance department.
8.1 List of Key Personnel’s Phone Number
8.2 Hooter Function Checking Record’
9.1 SOP : Standard Operating Procedure
9.2 HR : Human Resource
9.3 HOD : Head of Department

Sr. No. Department Name Designation Phone No.




Sr. No.




Emergency Door No.



Hooter Blown (Yes/ No) Resealing Done     (Yes/ No)  

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