sop for employee appraisal confirmation and relieving procedure

sop for employee appraisal confirmation and relieving procedure

1.1 To describe a procedure for appraisal, confirmation and relieving of employees.
2.1 This procedure is applicable to all the employees working in the factory.
3.1 Execution : All.
3.2 Internal Coordination : Officer of HR.
4.1 Overall accountable: All Department Heads and Plant Head.
5.1 Appraisal:
5.1.1 Performance appraisal is carried out to inform employees about his/her performance to identify where he/she stands against the expectation of company in year.
5.1.2 Scale of marking will be out of 1 to 10 as per the following standards:
(10=Outstanding / 9=Excellent / 8=Very Good / 7=Good / 6=Satisfactory / 5=Average / 4=Below Average / 1 to 3 =Poor)
5.1.3 Recommendations / Remarks should be covered in the performance appraisal form.
5.1.4 Frequency : Once in a year or if any requirement
5.1.5 Appraisal panel Employee(assessed) Department Head HR Head/Designee Plant Head Head Office/Director
5.1.6 Stages for Appraisal Conduct appraisal every year in the month of March. All performance appraisal forms are routed through following steps: HR Department shall send the appraisal form to all HODs. HOD will transfer it to employees of his/her Dept. Filling of appraisal form by employee (assessed). Assessment of appraisal form by HOD. Remarks for approval by Plant Head. For Actions/Remarks by HR Department For implementation, HR Department shall send it to HO. Increment of confirmed employee will depend on Plant Head’s remarks.
5.1.7 Confirmation of probationer / trainee: HR Dept. shall send the Progress Review Report (PRR) form to Concern HOD. HOD will put his/her opinion on PRR form by giving recommendation. Finally on the basis of Director’s remarks probationer may be confirmed or given extension of probation period and the HR department shall issue letter accordingly.
5.1.8 Work Allocation Review HR personal can do review of any employee at anytime. The purpose of this review is to analyze employee’s awareness about his or her own job knowledge and synchronization with job responsibility.

5.2 Resignation :
5.2.1 Any employee resigning from the company shall submit his/her resignation letter to concern Department Head.
5.2.2 After acceptance of the resignation by concern HOD, the resignation letter shall be forwarded to HR.
5.2.3 Employees are supposed to complete the notice period stated in appointment letter after acceptance of resignation.
5.2.4 The concerned department in charge shall collect the books, calculator, CD, floppy or any other documents / the instrument / equipment or if any tools allotted to employee on the last working day.
5.2.5 In case any protective password allotted by employee in the PC then it shall be explained to department in-charge before leaving the duty.
5.2.6 Exit interview shall be taken of employee before leaving the company to know his/her experience of working in the company, the reason for leaving job and to have some suggestions for company’s betterment.
5.2.7 HR department shall prepare final settlement of employee and send it to Head Office so that they can send full and final statement.
5.2.8 HR Department shall prepare a Reliving Letter and Experience Certificate after confirmation of concern department in-charge.
6.1 Trainer – Head of department.
6.2 Trainee – All concern person.
6.3 Period – One hour or as per required.
7.1 One set of master copy & controlled copy submitted the quality assurance department
8.1 : Appraisal Form

9.1 SOP : Standard Operating Procedure
9.2 HR : Human Resource






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