sop for employee uniform and footwear management

1.1 To describe a procedure for uniform and footwear management of the factory.
2.1 This procedure is applicable to all aprons and secondary area gown of the employees of all departments.
3.1 Execution : All
3.2 Internal Coordination : Officer of HR & Security Section.
3.3 Overall responsibility : All Department Heads.
4.1 Head –HR shall Accountable for compliance with this procedure.
5.1 Uniform cleaning procedure:
5.1.1 Employees from respective section shall place their used apron in respective change room and office boy shall collect the same.
5.1.2 Office boy shall wrap used aprons and gown in plastic bags.
5.1.3 Used aprons shall be send for washing and ironing to outside laundry having agreement with Record of the same shall be maintained as per ‘Garments Cleaning Record’, Format No.
5.1.4 After receiving cleaned aprons/uniforms and boiler suits, officer boy shall record the same in ‘Garments Cleaning Record’, Format No.
5.1.5 The aprons are now ready for use and ready to be transferred to employee.
5.2 Aprons issuance to employees
5.2.1 Each department is allotted a unique aprons color code.
5.2.2 Workman shall collect the cleaned uniform/apron from uniform/apron cupboard.
5.2.3 The frequency for aprons issuance shall be twice in week.
5.2.4 Color of uniform/aprons are as follows,
Colour Department /Section
White apron Visitor/QA / QC / Office Staff / HOD/ store
Sky blue Production core area
Dark blue Maintenance
White HR
Sky blue Contract Worker
Green Sweeper
Sky blue Worker store

5.3 Shoe Category
5.3.1 Factory shoe is categorized into two types: plastic slipper is for QA, QC and Packing Area, fully covered shoe is for production core area.
5.4 Cleaning procedure &frequency
5.4.1 Worker needs to clean their factory shoe on daily basis or when the factory shoe is not clean.
5.4.2 The factory shoe must get dry before wearing.
5.4.3 Supervisor shall be responsible to check the cleanliness of shoes.
5.5 Issuing and Handling Procedure:
5.5.1 Admin personal shall issue the slipper, plastic slipper and fully covered shoe as per shoe category.
5.5.2 Workers shall keep the slipper in the shoe rack, for fully covered shoe, the core area workers shall to keep their shoes in the secondary change room shoe rack.
5.5.3 Workers are not allowed to bring the factory shoe out of the factory area. Security guard must inspect every works before the workers going out from the factory.
5.5.4 For any damage of the factory shoe, worker needs to show the damage shoe to superior/admin person for replacement. The Admin person needs to get the damaged shoes and dispose it.
5.5.5 If the factory shoe is lost or misplace, the worker need to pay for replacement.
6.1 Trainer – Head of department.
6.2 Trainee – All concern person.
6.3 Period – One hour or as per required.
7.1 One set of master copy & controlled copy submitted the quality assurance department.
8.1 : Garments Cleaning Record
8.2 : Issuance/ return record of gowning
9.1 SOP : Standard Operating Procedure
9.2 HR : Human Resource
9.3 HOD : Head of Department

















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