sop for entry and exit of employee in factory premises


sop for entry and exit of employee in factory premises



1.1 To describe a procedure for maintaining discipline of entry and exit of employees in the factory premises
2.1 Applicable to all the employees of factory
3.1 All employees: responsible to follow this procedure.
3.2 HR Department Head: to ensure the compliance of this procedure.
4.1 HR head shall be accountable for compliance of SOPs.

5.1 Entry and Exit of employee in factory premises
5.1.1 Security officer shall perform manual checking of employee during entry and exit from the premises.
5.1.2 It is compulsory for all the employees to carry ID card provided to them, while entry/exit in the factory premises and same shall be checked by the security officer.
5.1.3 Employees shall enter the premises with proper identification, after punching on Biometrics machine provided on the entry gate, while entry and exit from the factory.
5.1.4 Staff is advised not to carry match box, cigarette lighter, liquor, etc. inside the premises. If such material is found, security department shall collect and retain the same.
5.1.5 Carrying mobile, camera, laptop or any parallel device is prohibited in factory premises. Security personnel shall allow that only with prior written permission from higher authority and shall inform the HR Head if the material is found without proper documents.
5.1.6 Employees shall drive his/her vehicle at 10 km/h speed in factory premises and shall park the vehicle in the designated parking area.
5.1.7 If in between the shift time any employee (except in accidental case) needs to go out of the premises, he/she shall fill the Gate Pass and get authorization of the same from Department Head and HR head and shall submit the same to security personnel while leaving.
5.1.8 Only two Gate Passes are permitted for staff/workers leaving the premises before schedule timings in a month, third gate pass may be allowed for genuine case only.
5.1.9 Employees shall make entry of his/her departure in Staff Departure Register at the main gate before leaving the premises, mentioning the name, date and timing of departure in the register.


6.1 Trainer – Human Resource Department.
6.2 Trainee – All concern department.
6.3 Period – One hour or as per required.
7.1 One set of master copy & controlled copy submitted the quality assurance department and
8.1 : Staff Departure Register
8.2 : Employee Gate Pass
9.1 SOP : Standard Operating Procedure
9.2 HR : Human Resource



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