To lay down a procedure for Sanitation of Raw & Purified water.
2.0 SCOPE This SOP shall be applicable for Sanitation of Raw & Purified water tank

3.0 RESPONSIBILITY Execution- Executive QC.
Checking – Assistant Manager QC.

4.1 Drain water completely from the storage tank and scrub the tank wall by nylone brush and wash the tank the water.
4.2 Open the inlet valve of water storage tank
4.3 Prepare 2% solution of Potassium permanganate (strong oxidizing agent )in the water storage tank and fill the 50% of its capacity’s
4.4 Run the water distribution system to circulate the water for 4 hour
4.5 Drain the water from storage tank and distribution line.
4.6 Fill respective grade of water continuously and run the distribution line to get the required pH.
4.7 Collect the sample from all sampling point in the distribution line
4.8 Check the pH of the sample
4.9 The pH of the sample should be between 4.5 to 8.0
4.10 If the pH of the water out of the limit repeat the process.

5.1 Before initiating the cleaning get the clearance from the production department.
5.2 Instruct the production personnel for not use the respective water through user points.
5.3 Place a status tang on the distribution system as UNDER PROCESS.


Once in a month


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