sop on operation and cleaning of octagonal blender

sop on operation and cleaning of octagonal blender

1.0 Objective: To describe the procedure for operation and cleaning of octagonal blender.
2.0 Scope: This procedure is applicable to octagonal blender
3.0 Responsibility: Operator / Production Officer / Executive
4.0 Accountability: Department Head shall be accountable for the compliance of the system.
5.0 Procedure:


5.1 Operation:
5.1.1 Check the cleanliness of the machine. There should not be any traces of the previous product.
5.1.2 Tilt the octagonal blender by rotating the shaft provided near the panel board. Adjust the position of the mouth of blender such that it is facing horizontally.
5.1.3 Load the dried granules in the octagonal blender manually.
5.1.4 Now adjust the safety guards in horizontal position to ensure safe operation.
5.1.5 Blend the material by rotating the blender for specified time by setting the timer on panel board as indicated in BMR.
5.1.6 Affix “To Be Cleaned” label on it.
5.1.7 Record the activity in log book.
5.2 Cleaning: ( Batch Change Over )
5.2.1 Switch OFF the main power supply.
5.2.2 Set the position of the blender vertical valve facing the floor.
5.2.3 Remove the safety guards of the blender.

5.2.4 Remove the rectangular window lid and gasket by unclamping the wing nuts.
5.2.5 Cleaning external surface: Clean the body of blender with dry duster & then with moist duster & again wipe with clean dry duster.
5.3 Cleaning: ( Product Change Over )
5.3.1 Set the position of the blender vertically so that outlet valve is facing the floor. Keep the valve closed & fix the SS bins.
5.3.2 Set the position of the blender vertically so that outlet valve is facing the floor.
5.3.3 Keep the valve closed and fix the SS bin. Connect with a PVC pipe to the outlet deck of the blender (below valve).
5.3.4 Vertically initially flush with tap water to the inside surface of the blender.
5.3.5 Drain out water through valve. After bringing the blender in vertical position.
5.3.6 Clean inside surface of the blender with warm water (60-70 ºC) to the inside surface of the blender by bringing the blender to its horizontal position.
5.3.7 Again flush sufficient tap water inside the blender to remove traces of the previus product/
5.3.8 Remove the water by bringing the blender in vertical position and opening the valve. Finally rinse with sufficient purified water.
5.3.9 Rectangular window bid valve lid and safety guard lid wash: Wash thoroughly with warm tap water.
5.3.10 Confirming effectiveness of cleaning the final purified water .rinses of blender is sent to QC department to confirm the absence of previous product.
5.3.11 Drying:-wipe dry inside and outside blender by using a clean lint free duster. Wipe dry the lid in similar manner.
5.3.12 Assembling:-fix the cleaned gasket rectangular lid and valve lid back to the blender. After checking for dryness.
5.3.13 Affix a “CLEANED” label on it.
5.3.14 If the equipment is kept idle for 48 hrs after cleaning then re-clean it before use.

6.0 Abbreviations:

Abbreviation Expanded Form
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
PR Production
QA Quality Assurance
PVC Poly Vinyl Chloride
SS Stainless Steel

7.0 Forms and Attachments:
Annexure – 1: Equipment Log Book



8.0 Distribution List:

S. No. Department Name No. of Copy
1. Quality Assurance 01
2. Production 01


9.0 References:
In – House



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