sop for recovery from rejected products


sop for recovery from rejected products


Objective: To lay down the procedure for recovery from rejected products.

Scope :This SOP is applicable of procedure for recovery from rejected products in Production department

Responsibility:  The Quality Assurance Officer.

  The Production Manager.

a) The reprocessed materials should meet appropriate standards, specifications and any other relevant criteria.

b) Written information should be received from QC department for reprocessing of rejected product.

c) The product should be reprocessed in manufacturing area under supervision of Q.C. department

without changing the product details.

d) The quantity left after the manufacturing of the final product is to be mixed in another batch of the same product.

The batch size of the product changes accordingly.

e) The Reprocessed Batch/Recovery Mixed Batch then sent for the Q.C. approval.

f) The details of reprocessing batch are to be recorded in the following format

Date of Reprocessing Name of product B. No

Mfg date

Exp date

Rejected due to Date of Reprocessing Reprocess

B. No

Mfg date

Exp date


Remarks Signature




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