sop for cleaning of dust exhausts


sop for cleaning of dust exhausts


It is essential that the processing of each and every batch of any product is designed in such a way that

there are no chances of cross contamination. Dust extraction “hood assemblies” being the potential

contributors towards the problem of cross contamination, need regular cleaning as per the

specified procedure to exclude the chances of cross contamination.


Immediately, after the processing of each batch is over, dismantle the suction hood assembly.

With the help of a vacuum cleaner suck the entire dust on the exterior of the assembly and

also from the exposed parts of ducting.

Remove the lid from the cleaning pocket. Destroy the contents of the cleaning pocket suitably.

Clean the interior of the duct at least till the elbow with the help of vacuum cleaner. Clean the

disassembled suction hood assembly, lid, and cleaning pocket, as well as the interior of the duct

up to the elbow, utilizing a non-fiber-shedding damp cloth.. Wipe it dry and assemble it back to the

dust extraction system. Maintain record of cleaning as per the following format:

sop for operation and cleaning of Hand coder

sop for Cleaning and Handling and Silicone Tubes

sop on operation and cleaning of coating pan

sop for Operation of cleaning of pipe lines

Sop for equipment assembly

sop for operation of capsule loading machine semi automatic

sop for Machine operation capsule inspection and polishing machine

Sop for issue of material

Sop batch demarcation and batch coding

sop for material receipts

sop for monitoring of reprocessing of products

sop for in-process control on liquids orals

sop for in process controls on tablets capsules packaging line

sop for Issuance retrieval and destruction of BMR and analytical records

sop for in process controls during granulation compression coating inspection

sop for Cleaning of Blister packing machine

sop for cleaning of dust exhausts


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