standard testing procedure colour erythrosine supra


standard testing procedure colour erythrosine supra


1.0 Storage Requirements:
Store protected from light and moisture.
2.0 Sampling:
Sample from each container / bag, if the consignment is of 03or less than three containers / bags.

If the number of containers / bags is more than 03and are upto 100, sample at randomely using

the formula root (n) +1 where n is the number of containers/bags in the consignment.

For the consignment of more than 100 containers/bags, sample additional containers/bags for

every 100 containers/bags and thereafter.Collect a minimum of 5g from each of the randomely

selected containers/bagsinto indiviually no toxic, selfsealing transparent polyethylene bearing

‘Sample For Analysis’label kept in another transperent self sealing polythene bag.Afetr completion of sampling return rest sample on

the same container. Collect control sample in Pet bottle/Glass bottle.
3.0 Quantity of Composite Sample:
10 g
1.0 Description: Dark red coloured powder.
2.0 Solubility: Soluble in water.
3.0 Identification: The sample preparation exhibit maximum at 527± 2nm.
4.0 Volatile matter: Not more than 13.0%.
5.0 Water insoluble matter: Not more than 0.2% w/w.
6.0 Arsenic: Not more than-3ppm.
7.0 Loss On Drying: Not more than 12. 0 % w/w.
8.0 Heavy Metals: Not more than – 10ppm.
9.0 Assay (Dye Content): Not less than 87% w/w on dried basis.

Description: Dark red coloured powder.
Examine the individual samples by visually.
Reporting: Report as Complies/Does not comply.
Solubility: Soluble in water: 1. 0 g in 10 to 30 ml.
Reporting: Report as Complies/Does not comply.
Identification: By ultra violet and visible absorption spectrophotometer
Weight accurately and transfer about 250 mg of sample into a 250 ml volumetric flask containing approximately

50 ml of water, Sonicate to dissolve Cool and dilute up to marks with water. Shake well to mix further dilution 10 ml

of this solution to 100 ml with water shake well to mix.
Scan the sample preparation in the range ot400 to 700 nm using water as blank and observe the maximum at 527± 2nm.
Reporting: Report as value.
Volatile matter: Weigh accurately about 2. 0 gm of the material in a tarred Petri-dish with the lid. Heat for 3 hours in a

hot air oven at 135 + 2ºC, cool in a desiccator and weigh, and calculate loss in weight.
Reporting: Report as value.
Water Insoluble Matter: Dissolve 2.0 g of the material in 200 ml of hot water and allow the solution to cool at room

temperature. Filter through a tared G-4 sintered glass filter, wash with cold water until washing are colourless and
Dry at 135ºCfor 3hours cool in desicator and weigh.
Reporting: Report as value in %w/w.
Arsenic: Not more than-3ppm.
Wight accurately 0.3 gm of the sample and dissolve 50 ml with water Add 2 ml of stannated hydrochloride
acid AsT Carry out the limit test of arsenic on the resulting solution.
Reporting: Report as value.
Heavy Metals: Not more than – 10ppm.\
Determine on 2.0 gm of the sample.
Reporting: Report as value.
Loss on drying: Determine on 1.0g of the substance at l05º C for 2 hours.
Reporting: Report as value in %w/w.

Reporting: Report as value in %w/w.


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