sop for BOD incubator operation and cleaning

sop for BOD incubator operation and cleaning


1.1 To lay down the procedure for Operation Of B.O.D in Microbiology Laboratory.

2.1 This procedure applicable for Operation Of B.O.D in Microbiology Laboratory BOD Incubator (Bio-Oxygen Demand) are used to maintain temperature for test tissue culture growth, storage of bacterial cultures and incubation where high degree of constant temperature accuracy is required.

3.1 Microbiologist QC

4.1 Q. C. Manager

5.1 Operation
5.1.0 Remove the cover of microscope and clean the lens with lens paper or lint free duster before using it. Remove oily substance from

glass parts by wiping with a lint free duster or lens paper moistened with xylene.
5.1.1 Remove the xylene immediately with lens paper dipped with 95% alcohol and then wipe the lens with fresh lens paper.
5.1.2 Connect the 230V AC power supply to the power connection properly and Switch “ON” the Main.
5.1.3 Halogen bulb glows as the power switch is operated in ON position.

5.1.4 Prepare a thin smear on specimen slide and place on the platform of microscope.

5.1.5 Rotate the revolving nosepiece to engage the desired objective in the light path i.e. 10X, 40X or 100X.

5.1.6 Look at the image through the eyepiece with your eye and focus on the specimen with the focus adjustment knobs.

5.1.7 When the image comes into sharp focus with low power objective, rotate the nose piece to the next

lens (i.e. 40X or 100X) by simply swing the objective into desired place.

5.1.8 When using oil-immersion objective, swing the high power objective partially out of way and place

a drop of immersion oil on the area of slide you are observing and bring the oil-immersion objective into position.
5.1.9 Now look through the eye piece and focus the object with fine adjustment knob.
5.1.10 Before putting cover of microscope, after completion of work, move the nose piece to bring low power objective into position,

clean the oil from the immersion lens and also clean off side with tissue paper.
Cleaning : Daily
5. Wipe the outer surface of the instrument with Colin solution.
Keep the microscope and its parts clean and handle all parts with care.
Glass parts should not be touched with finger.
Always keep the microscope covered when not in use.
Never use a slide without cover slip while examining an object under high power of the microscope; otherwise the chemicals will damage the objective.

Abbreviation used Full form of abbreviation used
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
QC Quality Control
MB Microbiology Lab
BOD Bio-Oxygen demand
°C Degree Centigrade

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